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Stories of SirRender

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All characters in my stories are original fictional creations; any similarity to real people, living or dead, is only coincidence.

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A call to other authors: I'd like to read your interpretations of these story ideas.

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Ways to support this site

  1. Help me to find any of the following.
    • More pics in the same series as this one. I have to think it's part of a series but this is the only one I've ever seen.
    • Videos of lactating women breastfeeding other women
    • Videos of women talking on the phone (to their husband/boyfriend/dad) while having sex with another man.
    • A tall, busty natural redhead or blonde between 28 and 35 who doesn't drink, smoke or sleep around but is looking for a comitted sexual relationship. :-)
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  3. Or simply email me telling me what you like about my stories. Only by knowing what you like am I able to write more in the same style or genre.

I want to write/direct adult videos

Does someone you know produce adult videos? I want to see some of my story ideas turned into videos. I have ideas ranging from simple unashamed nudity to horny MILFs and cougars getting what they want; from naive housewives talked into giving it up to light bondage. Please contact me.

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