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Stories of SirRender

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All characters in my stories are original fictional creations; any similarity to real people, living or dead, is only coincidence.

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Completed Stories

Marcy Jacobson in "Mother Pays Son's Debt to Bully" © 2015 by SirRender
Part 1 in the Marcy Jacobson series. Swinging suburban housewife uses her body to get what she wants when a bully threatens her teenage son.

Marcy Jacobson in "Mother Buys Friends for Socially Awkward Daughter" © 2015 by SirRender
Part 2 in the Marcy Jacobson series. Marcy's nerdy daughter needs a date to the high school dance and Marcy knows how to arrange it.

Paying Hubby's Debts on the Installment Plan © 2015 by SirRender
After the recent re-launch of my site I found that my most read story is "Impregnated in Front of Her Husband" (link below). I wrote this new story for fans of that earlier piece.

"It was one week ago when her life took a most unexpected turn and she had moved from being the trophy wife of a gambling-addicted former multi-millionaire to having all the power in their marriage." And there's a couple of debt collectors involved.

Centaurs Riding Elves © 2015 by SirRender
An elf queen and her warrior princess daughter seek the aid of a tribe of centaur horse-men, but will their fee be too great?

You Can Probably Buff That Out © 2011 by SirRender
A helpless husband watches his wife service another man in a parking lot.

If The Van is a-Rockin' © 2011 by SirRender
A helpless husband waits on a desert road while his pretty wife negotiates a ride into town with two dubious men.

Impregnated in Front of Her Husband © 2007 by SirRender
A husband's fantasy for his wife to fuck other men comes true but not quite in the way he had planned.

Reading, Writing and Arousal © 2006 by SirRender
Blackmailed for masturbating at school, a young teacher tries to find a way out.

Tentacles of Pleasure and Despair © 2005 by SirRender
WARNING: This story is more extreme than any other I have written and involves non-humanoid alien impregnation. This story is not for the faint of heart. Those who are comfortable with hentai tentacle sex videos may appreciate it, but those looking for casual sex or simply erotic literature should read one of my other stories instead.

A New Role to Play © 2005 by SirRender
A young wife's role play fantasy turns all too real during her annual visit to the doctor.

Wrong Room © 2005 by SirRender
She intends to give her boyfriend a thrill but things don't always happen the way we expect them to.

Tongue-in-Cheek Medical Checkup © 2005 by SirRender
Poking some fun on both sides of the fence. Yeah I know, I'm making fun of some of my own stories, too. I can live with it, can you?

A Dish Best Served Hot and Wet © 2004 by SirRender
Inspired by the works of the author Nonono69, this is a fairly clean tale of sexual revenge.

Love Triangle 01 - The Hitchhiker © 2004 by SirRender
One of only two short stories I have completed since 2001 and the only one I'm proud enough of to share. I plan to write a couple of sequels to this story when I can nail down a good enough plot to carry them through.

The Man in the Cloth Mask © 2000 by SirRender
An early attempt of mine to depict consentual sex, light bondage and sex with a mysterious stranger.

Senior Prank © 2000 by SirRender
High school senior pranks always go too far. This one ended in humiliation for several of the girls.

Crop Dusting © 1999 by SirRender
One of my earliest stories of embarrassing female public nudity without sex.

Romantic scenario 1 © 1999 by SirRender
I wrote this first person narrative for a woman who was very special in my life at one time. I intended to describe how I would make love to her for the first time and the response that I got from my written words alone was enough to inspire me to expand my writing.

Unfinished Stories

What Some People Will Do © 2000, 2015 by SirRender
updated February 21, 2015
Perhaps my most popular story; it certainly got the most positive feedback from readers. The concept of the story is based on so-called reality TV and what some people will do for money.

Mating Practices © 2006, 2007 by SirRender
WARNING: This story is more extreme than most of my other stories and involves non-humanoid alien impregnation. This story is not for the faint of heart. Those who are comfortable with hentai tentacle sex videos may appreciate it, but those looking for casual sex or simply erotic literature should read one of my other stories instead.

Not in My House © 2000, 2006 by SirRender
Work in progress (sort of). I originally conceived this story in late 2000 to be 18-20 chapters but never finished it. In mid-2004 I revamped the story to flesh out certain scenes and extend the story to 40+ chapters. Many "in between" chapters are not yet written. The remaining chapters are described but subject to change.

This story involves a publicly conservative, mid-thirties single mother forcing her eighteen year old daughter into humiliating and sexually explicit situations after a mixup at the photo lab leaves the mother with pictures of her daughter having sex. Similar to the theme of a parent who finds cigarettes in their child's room and makes them smoke the entire pack in one sitting to teach them a lesson, the mother believes that she is doing her daughter a favor in the long run.

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  1. Help me to find any of the following.
    • More pics in the same series as this one. I have to think it's part of a series but this is the only one I've ever seen.
    • Videos of lactating women breastfeeding other women
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I want to write/direct adult videos

Does someone you know produce adult videos? I want to see some of my story ideas turned into videos. I have ideas ranging from simple unashamed nudity to horny MILFs and cougars getting what they want; from naive housewives talked into giving it up to light bondage. Please contact me.

Q: What happened to your early popular stories like "Allergic Reaction", "Sibling Rivalry" and "College Misadventures"?

A: I was young and naive when I wrote those. On one hand I was being encouraged to go to extremes with those stories by a woman who later turned out to be lying about how much she liked reading them, and on the other hand the subject matter of those old stories makes me a little queasy today. I will probably not post them online again, but you may be able to find them on various stories boards around the web if you're really interested.

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