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Stories of SirRender

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All characters in my stories are original fictional creations; any similarity to real people, living or dead, is only coincidence.

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Stories I'd like to read (or videos I'd like to watch)

As an author of quality adult fiction, I still enjoy reading other authors' interpretations of certain scenes or ideas. Below are specific storylines and general ideas I would like to read more of. email me if you have a story along any of these lines which you would like to share.

All stories should follow these 6 rules of mine:

  1. Urine and feces are not sexy.
    • No pissing or shitting.
  2. Pain, bruises, blood and death are not sexy.
    • No cutting, no beating, no crying from pain. No whipping (unless lightly/playfully). And absolutely no bleeding.
  3. Feet are not sexy.
    • Feet are for walking and that's all.
  4. Anal is not sexy.
    • No anal sex or fingering, no rimming. No rectal thermometers (seriously, it's the 21st century).
  5. Male-on-male is not sexy.
    • I'm only interested in girl-on-girl and guy-on-girl (including groups) but no guy-on-guy even with a girl involved. This includes no guys eating cum.
  6. Rubber/latex and leather are not sexy.
    • Just not my thing.


"Helpless Husband" scenario

This type of story may take one of many forms.

  1. See my story Impregnated in Front of her Husband for an example of this.
    A married couple play tie-up games which go very wrong. With her husband tied up, one or more burglars enter the house and take advantage of the wife while hubby watches helplessly. The important thing is that this should not have been planned; they should be equally surprised by the intrusion. The wife might take one of two paths:
    • She struggles against the burglar(s) at first but eventually she gets so turned on by her loss of control that she gives in to lustful desires.
    • She negotiates with the burglar(s) to fuck her in exchange for her husband's safety and to not steal anything from their house. She gives in completely and she might be ashamed of that. Nevertheless she enjoys a good fucking.
    Either way, she might have the burglar(s) over again some time while her husband is away just for the thrill of it.
  2. Married couple stopped by a crooked cop who frisks, then strips and gropes the wife while the husband watches helplessly. The officer might take many liberties with the wife, including but not limited to coercing her to give him a blow job or even to fuck him (perhaps over the hood of their car or in the back seat of the police car) to avoid arrest.
  3. See my stories You Can Probably Buff That Out and If The Van is a-Rockin' for examples of this.
    Married couple in the car have a minor incident (car breaks down in the middle of nowhere or a fender bender with another vehicle) where payment is due to another motorist but they have no money on them, so the wife uses her body to pay the debt. Her husband protests but it is made clear to him that the alternative would be worse.
  4. A kinky couple out for a late night romp in the back streets and alleyways of the city are come upon by a group of thugs who take turns holding back the husband while the others molest and fuck the wife. Please remember that I am not looking for violence, beating or blood in these stories. Like the others, this should take the form of the wife resisting at first, or negotiating for their safety with her body, but getting so turned on by the situation that she gives in completely, much to hubby's dismay.
  5. See my story Paying Hubby's Debts on the Installment Plan for an example of this.
    A wife getting dolled up starts to play with herself, remembering an experience from a week earlier when two thugs came to collect on her husband's gambling debts. He couldn't pay so they arranged to take his wife as partial payment and promised to do it again in one week if he hadn't paid up. She couldn't believe that her husband just sat there and let them fuck her, but she got off on it. Back in the present, the doorbell rings and the wife hurries to greet the debt collectors in her skimpy lingerie to let them fuck her again while her husband watches.

"Earning Her Husband's Promotion" scenario

See my serial What Some People Will Do starting at chapter 84 for an example of this.

Wife feels her husband is being denied his due at work and secretly goes to his boss to negotiate a big promotion and pay raise for him. She argues that her husband works hard and has worked plenty of weekends and holidays, keeping him away from his home and family, to support the company.

This can take one of two paths:

  1. Her husband's boss suggests, and after a time of indecision she ultimately accepts, that she needs to sleep with him to earn her husband's promotion.
  2. Sensing she isn't getting anywhere with her husband's stubborn boss, she pours on the sexy; showing cleavage, bending over to pick up something she dropped, etc. But she pours it on a little too thick and winds up offering her body to him in exchange for her husband's promotion.

Either way it goes, she becomes the boss' booty call, going to him whenever he demands, perhaps even leaving in the middle of dinner with her husband. She may also become the boss' personal assistant at the office and he rubs that in, forcing her husband to watch him fuck her over his desk or listen on the phone while he fucks her. He might also demand her services in wooing important clients.

I feel like she should always be somewhat resistant to the boss' advances, especially if he expects her to perform for clients ("That wasn't part of our original deal" she might argue) and through it all she should be reminding herself that she's doing this for her husband's career and their financial future. She should be doing this because she loves her husband, not because his boss is richer or better looking.

"Adventures in Self-Bondage" scenario

See my serial What Some People Will Do starting at chapter 71 for an example of this.

Describe a woman's adventures in self-bondage; the times when she almost gets caught; the times when she does get caught. And when she does get caught, is she wearing a blindfold so she has no idea who it is helping themselves to her body?

Taking inspiration from my long serial story "What Some People Will Do", the woman might ask someone to show her how to tie a certain kind of knot or to set up a timed-release mechanism (for the key which will undo her cuffs) and that person might come around later to satisfy their curiosity about why she wanted that.

Your story might include escapades within the assumed security of her own home or she might wind up in a bind (pun intended) in the great outdoors and have a run-in with campers or park rangers or bikers or a school field trip. Whether the person/people finding her in the compromising position simply feel her up or fuck her is up to you. Either way I hope that she will discover that she enjoys the loss of control and gets really turned on.

"Naked Chauffeur" scenario

See my serial What Some People Will Do starting at chapter 73 for an example of this.

A young woman is hired to chauffeur a bratty rich teenager (could be a boy or girl) who is used to getting what s/he wants. Each morning her boss picks out a skimpy, totally inappropriate outfit for her to wear for the day. The rich kid boosts his/her popularity by inviting friends along for the ride and getting the chauffeur to let them feel her up along the way.

Examples of outfits the chauffeur might be made to wear include, but are not certainly limited to:

Where you go with the story is up to you. It could be an account of days upon days of teasing and heavy petting, or the chauffeur could become so horny that she offers sex, or she might be talked into sex.

"Experimental Medical Treatment" scenario

Inspired by my own early story "College Misadventures" and an old story "The Clinic" by Cheryl G., though that got into some pretty sick shit near the end.

Young woman participates in an experimental medical study where the medications she's given cause an uncontrollable sex drive which gets stronger as the days pass. When the urge strikes, randomly, she struggles to contain herself but finds it increasingly difficult to ignore. The only relief she finds is by having an orgasm.

At times she plays with herself, sometimes alone (in the shower or in bed at night) and sometimes in public (in her car, at work or school, in an elevator). Her growing sexual craving also means she doesn't care who sees her naked or playing with herself. The thought of people watching her turns her on even more, so she starts having sex with whomever is nearby when the urge becomes too strong to resist. This could be her boyfriend's younger brother, a coworker/classmate (or two or three), her best girl friend who had never considered lesbian sex, her boss or teacher, workmen at a building site, etc.

How you end the story is up to you. Maybe the experiment gets shut down and her libido eventually returns to normal. Maybe she gets pregnant. Maybe it just ends with her having a big gang bang with a bunch of strangers.

"Wife On Display During Checkup" scenario

Husband accompanies wife to a medical checkup where she is put on display to the office staff and other patients, either through the doctor's carelessness or wickedness. I am not looking for her to put herself on display; she should be innocent.

It should probably be a new doctor she's seeing, otherwise you need to explain why she keeps going to the same doctor if this kind of humiliation of patients is normal in that office.

If this is her usual doctor, then maybe the wife is somehow oblivious to what's going on, such as a one-way mirror or a security cam in the room whose monitor is seen clearly from the waiting room so she doesn't even realize that she's on display--but why has she never noticed that when she was in the waiting room?. Or maybe she just isn't that concerned about people seeing her but her husband is uncomfortable with it.

So her husband is at first shocked to see her being put on display, but he gets turned on watching it and so does nothing to stop it.

Another way you might go with this would be to make it a "border crossing" story where the couple is detained in a corrupt foreign land and the wife is subjected to a humiliating strip search and unnecessary medical examination in a single-room office in front of strangers.

Minding my 6 rules above, keep in mind that I don't care to read about rectal thermometers or anal fingering, and I don't want to read in detail about her giving a urine or stool sample. I prefer the focus to be on the fact of her nudity in front of several people and the medical examination of her breasts and/or vagina (vagina rather than pussy, this is after all a medical situation).

Some things you could have happen to the wife, at your discretion:

Any of a number of MILF scenarios

All involve a woman in her mid-to-late thirties -- old enough to have teenage kids but still in her prime.

Any of a number of "Service With Nothing But a Smile" scenarios

The idea here is women at work made to wear nothing or next to nothing in the course of their daily work. Possible reasons for them going nude or semi-nude might include:

"Not in My House" scenario

See my unfinished story outline Not in My House for an example of this.

Domineering, somewhat prudish but spiteful single mother in her late thirties discovers that her teenage daughter has been having premarital sex under her roof and declares "not in my house!" She schemes to sour her daughter's taste for sex by forcing her into a series of humiliating situations where she must be nude in front of friends, family and strangers as well as encouraging people to take advantage of her daughter's situation.

A great many things could happen in a story such as this.

Other random thoughts

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